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Advantages of Java over Other Languages

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Programming languages containing embedded SQL are called host languages. Java(TM) differs from the traditional host languages C, COBOL, and FORTRAN, in ways that significantly affect how it embeds SQL:

  • SQLj and JDBC are open standards, enabling you to easily port SQLj or JDBC applications from other standards-compliant database systems to DB2 Universal Database.
  • All Java types representing composite data, and data of varying sizes, have a distinguishing value, null, which can be used to represent the SQL NULL state, giving Java programs an alternative to NULL indicators that are a fixture of other host languages.
  • Java is designed to support programs that are automatically heterogeneously portable (also called “super portable” or simply “downloadable”). Along with Java’s type system of classes and interfaces, this feature enables component software. In particular, an SQLj translator written in Java can call components that are specialized by database vendors in order to leverage existing database functions such as authorization, schema checking, type checking, transactional, and recovery capabilities, and to generate code optimized for specific databases.
  • Java is designed for binary portability in heterogeneous networks, which promises to enable binary portability for database applications that use static SQL.

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