Upgrade your systems with commercial software

We have also helped small businesses with upgrading commercial software that they have previously purchased. If your business does not have the technical expertise, it makes sense to hire someone to assist with these types of activities. Our fees are for our time, not for the cost of the commercial software that you are upgrading to. For example, if you are using a MS Access database, at some point you might have so much data and have more demanding data needs that you must upgrade to MS SQL Server.

Perhaps you are moving from one commercial package, such as accounting software, to another. 1st Custom Software can transfer, reformat, distribute and convert your data as necessary to go to a new package. We can set up the new reports for you, transfer your existing GL accounts for you, etc. Some people stay with the same software package because it is too difficult for them to do this transition alone. We are very familiar with this type of process, and can assist your company in the upgrade.