Web Sites

Create or enhance your web site

Depending upon your type of business, customers may or may not be trying to find you via the Internet. Some people still use paper phonebooks, but many people find it faster to search the web. If you are not on the Internet, we can create the web site for you. If you are already on the web, we can enhance your site to help you bring in more customers. We can also automate data collection via the web by putting the information that your customers provide directly into the systems that are currently running your business. Our fees include both the web application and the database design to store the data.

Many small businesses already have a web-site and are using the Internet. However, it might be time to increase your web-based business capability. The software tools available today make it less time consuming and less expensive to have a great web-site. We can also help you set up an automated campaign management or marketing process to your company’s customers. 1st Custom Software also has extensive experience in developing the management reports necessary to make the most out or your web-site.