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Database Design & Development

Database technology is one of the most powerful tools to enable businesses to efficiently manage mountains of data efficiently. Databases rarely garner the awe and respect like the more visible components of a software application or ecommerce site. However, they are integral part of success of just about any software or web application development effort.

We provide database services ranging from advanced to simple, like converting MS Access applications to web-based applications.

Because a business’ processes are constantly changing, a database needs to be designed with expandability in mind. The requirement for both speed and expandability forms a crux of what database design is all about.

We are one of the luckier companies since we had an opportunity to see large demand for our database services quickly evolutioned from simple to complex. We were lucky to solve problems ranging from replicating 126 hotel databases to master headquarters database, Graphic Reporting, Data Warehousing environments to 24/7 high transactional databases doing over a 900,000 transactions a day using half a million worth Unisys/EMC hardware.

Database Design Development and Administration Services

Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehousing – what can Business Intelligence do for you? Wal-Mart collects “market basket data” every time someone goes through the register to better figure out what products customer are likely to purchase together. Because of these data, stored in the second largest database in the world (#1 – US government), Wal-Mart knows that bananas are them most common item in shoppers grocery carts. However, because these data indicated that people tend to buy bananas and cereal at the same time, it now places bananas near the cereal aisle, in addition to the fruits and vegetables aisle. Likewise, Kleenex can be found in the paper goods aisle, but also near cold medicine. Measuring spoons are in house wares aisle, but also next to Crisco shortening. Every chance it gets, Wal-Mart digs further into this database to improve sales by making it easier for customers to find and buy what they want.

So, what how can Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse transform your business?

Database Administration – even the best designed databases need looking after.

Data Analysis, Modeling & Architecture – to turn data into information it is essential that the meaning behind the data is fully understood.

Databases Design – we can design databases so that your data is where you want it, when you want it.

Data Integration – most organizations find their data becomes duplicated across different applications which have their own databases. Often databases are on different platforms with different database schemas involving databases on the web. Integrating many data sources can be a daunting task with many hidden costs.

Reporting – many good business decisions are made because of visual reporting. Feeds to vendor systems, nicely formatted reports can be done with your data.

We can provide a many different database design solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We have expertise with simplest setups involving traditional client/server type databases often used by companies for reporting and trend analysis, to complex data-marts and data warehouse solutions for advanced trend analysis, as well as the transaction-based databases commonly used for ecommerce.

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