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Small Software Companies in Atlanta, Georgia

Small and Flexible versus Big and Cumbersome: The difference between big and small software companies

Why would you want to invest your money and the security of your project to two individuals versus an entire team of “experts” at a large firm? They do have the advantage of having a large building and lots of employees. But does that make them more creative, more efficient, or more results-focused than us? We don’t think so. If you want reputation, then feel free to talk to our satisfied clients.


When you’re dealing with us, you’re actually dealing with the people who are going to program your solution. Not so with a large software company. You will communicate with salespeople, project mangers, and who knows who else before your needs are met. The bottom line is that you will not be talking to the person who is writing the code for your company. That’s scary!

The most important factor in small software company work is not the tools and techniques used by the programmers, but rather the quality of the programmers themselves


There are no office politics to contend with here. We’ll give you ideas until you say are happy with them. We can be small and quick on our feet where larger companies have to go through processes and bureaucracy.

Cost effective solutions

We are going to charge you for the work that we do – no more, no less. When a bigger company gives you the bill, you are going to be paying for their building, their employees, their HR and other departments, their fancy marketing campaign… you get the picture.


At our small software company, we manage less and work more. Since we don’t have a complicated team of individuals working on your solution, we can spend less time managing people and more time programming your solution. You pay us to solve your problem, not to run a course in team dynamics!