Interface applications or interface with web sites

You can often buy a basic software application, but the full benefit of automation comes from many software applications and software on the web working together. That is, “interfaces” can transfer data between one piece of software and another, and be made to execute software applications without human intervention. Many companies don’t do this, and simply re-type data from one application to the next, potentially introducing mistakes. If interfaces save human effort and reduce mistakes, they will pay for themselves over time.

Many small businesses use eBay and Amazon as part of their business. We know how to program to the application programming interfaces (API’s) of these web-based companies. If you would like to automate the process of transferring your products for sale on eBay, for example, this can be done programmatically. 1st Custom Software has also helped its customers interface with, which is commercially available web-based customer service software. These types of interfaces can save your company time and money, and enhance your business capability.