Amtec Services, Inc.

Amtec, a small business whose personnel repair appliances at various locations, hired 1st Custom Software to help them develop automated solutions that would improve its productivity. 1st Custom Software did the design, and then did the programming to implement the solution.

Amtec’s goals were:

Our process

1st Custom Software took Amtec’s paper-based business processing and applied technology to it. Business requirements were translated into software requirements. Features were added so that employees could quickly retrieve information for their customers.

We created a design and the software that included:

Our customer’s thoughts…

Alex Batenko, owner of Amtec Services, Inc.

“When I first met with 1st Custom Software, I told them that everything they see on the table, all the papers and information, needs to go to the computer. 1st Custom Software delivered a solution that works. I like everything about it. It saves me time.”

“I used to have to spend hours searching for a particular invoice that was misplaced, but now I can just ‘click’ and it’s there. The software makes the business information more accurate.”

“They did everything that they promised to do.”

Questions & Responses:

1) How did you first come into contact with 1st Custom Software?

I found it on the Internet.

2) Why did you select 1st Custom Software over other software service vendors?

They responded quickly to my inquiry. They came up with an answer for my problem right away. They quoted a price up front for the work. They understood what I needed.

3) What did you like best about your experience with 1st Custom Software?

They did everything that they promised to do.

4) Did they attempt to change the price or increase the price after work begun?

No, they provided a price quote up front, and have stuck to that price.

5) What were your goals for this software project?

I wanted automated invoicing, payroll calculation, and the scheduling of work orders.

6) Is the solution easy for you and your employees to use?

Yes, so far it is easy to use. However, we are adding more features. I keep asking for more features as I think of new things that I would like the software to do. If there are too many features for my employees to use, it will be my own fault for making the software so complicated.

7) How has the software improved your business?

I have 3 offices. Everything was paper-based before. I used to have to spend hours searching for a particular invoice that was misplaced, but now I can just “click” and it’s there. The software makes the business information more accurate.

8) Were there any problems with the first version of the software that was delivered to you?

A few items were missed in the first version. I am very picky. I told 1st Custom Software about the items, and they understood what needed to be done and corrected the items immediately.

9) Are you concerned that software maintenance will be difficult and/or expensive?

I haven’t thought about that yet.

10) What are your business’s top benefits from this software?

The software saves time, and nothing is missing-all my business information is right there for me on the computer.

11) Can you comment on 1st Custom Software’s ability to translate business requirements into an automated software solution?

They really understand my business, and the processes. They did a good job.

12) Have you had any problems with the reliability of the solution?

The system has only gone down one time. There was an invoice or work order that was bad and caused the system to crash. I called 1st Custom Software, and they answered the phone right away. Once I told them about what had happened, they were able to fix it remotely for me in 2 or 3 minutes.

Go to Russia Travel

Go To Russia Travel is a small Internet business. Its personnel interact with embassies, travel agencies, property managers and various people in the tourism industry. 1st Custom Software was hired to do a system design for this small business.

Go To Russia Travel’s goals were:

Our process

1st Custom Software decided to observe the employees doing their work, and spent time with each worker to analyze the current business process. By understanding the existing work flow, 1st Custom Software was able to apply their technology knowledge to the project and propose ways to cut the work flow via automation.

We created a design that included:

In addition, 1st Custom Software upgraded the database software for Go To Russia Travel. Before 1st Custom Software was hired, the MS Access database was crashing every day because it could not keep up with the business. The new MS SQL database installed and configured by 1st Custom Software has been reliable, and supports a new office.