Software Development Company

1st Custom Software Development Company – Where no problem is too small

We often (jokingly) make the following offer: “You can have high quality. You can have it fast. You can have it cheap. Choose any two of these.” With any project, large or small, achieving the right balance between cost, quality, and timeliness requires three essential ingredients: experience, expertise, and honesty. We’ve got the goods.

Most of our customer satisfaction comes from several techniques we use while providing custom software development services. They are unique and yet so simple.

The most important factor in software development company work is not the tools and techniques used by the programmers, but rather the quality of the programmers themselves.

Our software is developed in stages. To the customer this means that software is not delivered all at 100% complete. It is delivered in stages. After the core is complete – customer gets to see it. After another piece is done, again customer’s input is important. Iteration approach helps the client to familiarize with look and feel, features of the application. At the end of development client might not like how one feature works (yes, we will fix it), but they will be impressed by the rest of 98%.

Any business is risky, and opportunities for failure are easy to find. 1stCSD, Inc. refuses to reinvent the wheel. Our Software Development Company uses techniques that have proven to work for clients from prior experiences of our own and the IT industry.