What are your rates?

It is foolish to shop on the rate alone, especially for services, while it has been proven that the difference between productivity of medium level and top level programmer is factor of 10. We offer competitive & reasonable rates, but we know they aren’t for everyone because some insist on getting less by paying less.  Get Free Quote to discuss how our experience and software will cost less in the long run.

Why should I work with you?

We can offer you better services because we are professionals and only work with top level programmers that Microsoft would want to hire, but they wouldn’t work for Microsoft! We incorporated in July of 2003; only a new/small company can give level of attention that we do to projects you trust us with.

Do you provide a warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty on every software piece delivered.

What industry experience do you have?

We have experience in the financial, manufacturing, hospitality, telecom, and airline industries.

Can small company like yours handle a big project?

Small projects are handled internally. For large projects there will be Technical Architect & Technical Lead assigning different tasks to programmers, tracking progress, and supervising the work.  Get Free Quote to discuss the details.

What are typical payment terms?

Any terms any negotiable, but here are typical payment terms:

Projects less than $1000

  • require 100% advance payment

Projects between $1000 and $3000

  • 50% advance retainer payment
  • 50% after delivery

Projects more than $3000

  • 40% advance retainer payment
  • 40% after beta version delivery
  • 20% after final version delivery

If we are working for you by the hour, we will send you and invoice on the 1st and 16th of each month. All source code will remain in “escrow” until payment is made in full.

Our terms for payment are “Net 10 2%, 15”, (If purchaser pays the invoice within 10 days, a 2% reduction in invoice amount may be enjoyed.

What are your strengths?

We can handle almost any project (certainly not all), but our main strengths are in automating business IT processes, such as connecting internal applications to a web site, automating manual work, transferring paper work to computer processes, etc…

What are your weaknesses?

We do not have enough patience to work with government agencies. Requirements to generate paper work at the excessive amounts required that will not be read doesn’t excite us. However, we are OK with normal documentation like user manuals, source code documentation, etc… Anything that requires less bureaucracy we have been succeeding at. That is the main reason why find it more exciting and rewarding to work with small & medium size businesses.

What programming technologies are you experts at?

We cover the range of today’s technologies like C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP, JSP, HTML, XML, XSLT, .NET, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Open Source and other industry leaders.

Security and intellectual rights

We exercise a very high level of discretion in regard to your business operations and your trade secrets. And, of course, we will back that up in writing. Since we are a US company that maintains its assets in the US, your intellectual property rights are fully protected under US law.