About Our Founders

1st Custom Software has two dynamic leaders that lend the firm its technical credibility in the marketplace. Each founder brings 10+ years of IT experience. What makes 1st Custom Software and its founders different is that the company focuses specifically on custom software for small businesses. They understand how a small business works, what a small business can afford, and how to create viable solutions in the small business environment.

Mark V, President

Mark decided to start 1st Custom Software with his colleague, because he could see the need in the marketplace for custom software solutions for small businesses, at a price that small businesses could afford. While other firms sell fancy, high-priced consulting, Mark knew that his background in the kinds of technologies that everyday businesses use would enable him to assist many different kinds of small businesses. Mark understands small business operations and sees the similarities in small businesses—sales, invoicing, scheduling resources, payment processing, customer service and management reporting.

Mark believes in delivering excellent work for a fair price. He contributes to the firm by managing projects, working out the contracts, and ensuring quality control in the software being produced. Since Mark has a strong technical background, he frequently works on the software projects himself. Mark’s technical acumen is in database design, and Mark typically does the database design for all 1st Custom Software projects. He has advanced skills in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MS Access, covering everything from automated database report generation to data warehousing. As a technologist, Mark is also proficient at Java and he has created many Internet/web-based software solutions for small businesses.

Prior to his work at 1st Custom Software, Mark was an external consultant/contractor to InTown Suites Management Inc. and to Georgia-Pacific. Mark’s vast credit rating and credit card processing knowledge began with his career employment at Visionary Systems Inc., which was recently acquired by TransUnion.

Mark has a BS degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University.