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Why Us for Web Development

What are your business requirements for web development?

Web development customized for your business needs… and you determine what is important and what is not.

1st Custom Software specializes in creating custom business software. Building custom software takes several key steps. Each step is discussed in more detail below. During the coding step, when we do the actual programming, we use what is called an iterative approach. This means that as we finish major parts of the software, we test it ourselves, and we will meet with you for your preliminary review. By using an iterative approach, we avoid “surprises” at the end of the project. We want you and your employees to try out the software so that we can confirm that your business requirements are being met throughout the development. This is just the beginning as to why you should choose us for your web development solutions.

1st Custom Software focuses on doing projects right the first time. A well thought out design will save time and money in the long run. You don’t want a project that fails multiple times in the testing process. You don’t want future modifications to cost a lot of money because the basic software wasn’t initially designed with business growth in mind. You want quality. Based on our experience, and to ensure quality, all of our service offerings incorporate the following steps:

1. Analyze your business’s requirements for the software

We will work with you to determine the exact requirements for your software. 1st Custom Software will watch how you do your work, so we can make sure that we understand what you want. If you have already started to document what you want the software to do, we will use that material and move forward on the project from your preliminary work.

2. Design and architect the solution for you

We will discuss your expected business growth, what technology you already own, how your business might evolve in the future, and your budget as we go over alternatives with you. The solution will address how the custom software will affect your computers, your network, your databases, and any other programs that you use.

3. Code your software programs

We will review coding alternatives with you. Perhaps you already have software tools. Perhaps you like products from a certain vendor. 1st Custom Software typically creates the software in the most popular computer languages such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and HTML. We also use SQL and XML. These technologies are affordable to small businesses, and they will continue to work as your company grows.

4. Test the software with your business using it

It is important to test the software before everyone in your company starts using it. Although our programmers test it after they program the code, it is also a standard practice for you to try out the software as well. We will do a trial run to ensure that it meets the contract requirements—it runs on your systems and works just as you expected.

5. Document how the software works for you and your users

Some programmers will cut corners by not producing sufficient documentation. The problem with unsatisfactory documentation is that if you need to modify your software in the future, it will take more time for programmers to read through the code to figure out how it works in order to modify it. Since you are hiring people to do the custom software, it is critical that we provide you with satisfactory documentation. You own this software, and you can’t predict future maintenance requirements.

More Reasons Why to Choose Us

We offer a 6 month warranty on every software piece delivered. When the project is finished, you will have a complete, fully tested, documented, working piece of software.

Custom software can help you meet your business requirements by reducing the overall work load, minimizing data entry and re-entry mistakes, doing electronic transmissions instead of moving paper, and improving the accessibility of your company’s data for reporting and decision-making. Since 1st Custom Software specializes in assisting businesses with their software needs, our staff can help you assess how software can improve the efficiency of your business.