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Web Development Services

1st Custom Software specializes in custom web development services. Building custom software, whether it is for the desktop or the Web, takes several key steps. We use an iterative approach for our development coding process. This means that as we finish major parts of the software, we test it ourselves, and we will meet with you for your preliminary review. By using an iterative approach, we avoid “surprises” at the end of the project. We want you and your employees to try out the software as we are developing it so that we can confirm that the business requirements are being met.

1st Custom Software focuses on doing projects right the first time. A well thought out design will save time and money in the long run. You don’t want a project that fails multiple times in the testing process. You don’t want future modifications to cost a lot of money because the basic software wasn’t initially designed with business growth in mind. You want quality. Based on our experience, and to ensure quality, all of our service offerings incorporate the following steps:

  1. Interactive Analysis of Your Business Requirements for the Software
  2. Design and Architect the Solution for Your Specific Evolving Business Needs
  3. Interactive Review of Coding Alternatives & Code Your Software Programs
  4. Test the Software, Allow You to Use It, Then Make Necessary Changes & Test Again
  5. Fully Document How the Software Works for You and Your Users

Types of Services

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose 1st Custom Software

  1. You want team of developers with high integrity
  2. You need a development team with experience and versatility
  3. You want the absolute best development advice and results
  4. You want to improve your company’s data accessibility for reporting and decision-making
  5. You have projects that need immediate attention
  6. You want to do electronic transmissions instead of moving paper
  7. You want to minimize data entry and re-entry mistakes
  8. You need a development team that can help reduce your overall work load
  9. You want the highest possible return on your investment
  10. You have read our website, blog and other resources and like what you see

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Web Development Services Clients

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