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Do You Need A Web Development Company In Order To Capitalize From Your Website?

How do you know if your website is doing all it could for your business? In the past, limited web technology meant that company websites served as little more than online brochures. Today, this is no longer the case. The companies that are leading the way in their industries do not ask, “How can I work within the confines of standard web platforms?” They ask, “How can I make it easier for customers to interact with my website and buy from me?”

Custom Web Development vs. Pre-packaged Application or Website Platform

Web development companies that build truly custom software can add tremendous capabilities to your web site, making it easier for your customers and your business alike. If you want to start offering online sales, a good custom web development company can create a fully featured ecommerce solution including catalogs with live inventory updates, and virtual shopping carts – designed specifically for the nuances of your inventory – that keep your customers’ important information safe.

Interactive features are a hallmark of more successful websites. These can be informational utilities, intuitive shopping features, customer management features, or even fun games that increase the traffic to your site. A web development firm that truly cares about your goals and ideas can open a new world of capabilities for your site, drive more traffic, and help you build customer loyalty.

Do You Really Need a Custom Web Development Company?

If you are looking for a very simple website that serves as an online brochure, you probably do not need to hire a web development firm. There are a number of options for designing a website yourself using simple, non-technical software.

On the other hand, hiring a professional web development firm means you will be getting professional results. You can create a site that looks quite nice using templates from web design software but your site probably will not have the impact and functionality that an expertly-designed site would. With template sites, you may end up looking like every other site that uses the same template.

You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions before investing in a prepackaged website platform:

  • Can I integrate all of the functionality I really want from my website, or am I settling?
  • How will an of-the-shelf solution set me apart from my competitors?
  • Does the website platform allow me to capture leads, generate customer incentive programs, or other features that will help my convert visitors into paying customers?

Web development companies expand the possibilities your website can offer. From dynamic displays to interactive features, a fully-fleshed website offers your customers more options for doing business with you.

Do You Need a Web Design Company or a Web Development Company?

Web site creation involves two basic functions that are quite different from one another. The web design firm only works with the look of the site including the graphics, the text layout, the fonts, the colors and other aspects to create the best visual impact. This is the creative, right-brained activity that most people think of when they talk about web design. Because the ‘design’ is what most people interpret a site to be, they do not always think of the programming behind the design. This is not an unusual phenomenon. Many people unknowingly search for a web design company expecting more than a web company is qualified to offer.

Web development companies on the other hand involve creating the computer language that exists behind what your visitors see. It can be as simple as telling the web browser what text should be in bold, the addresses of outgoing links, or the position of graphics on the page. It can be as complicated as secure credit card orders or online project collaboration between different offices in the same organization.

Your budget and your website functionality will determine whether or not a custom web development company is the right answer for your business. The size of your business may also play a key role in your decision. Whether you are a large or small business, our web development firm can help you determine your exact needs. 1st Custom Software can assist with your design and development needs. Contact us today so that we can assist you in reaching your website goals.