Why Businesses Aren’t Buying Prepackaged Software Anymore

Why Businesses Aren’t Buying Prepackaged Software Anymore

Out of the box custom softwareAn interesting post on the Tectonic blog tells supports something that we’ve known for quite some time. Prepackaged software is not in high demand in the marketplace.

The post quotes Rishab Ayer Ghosh, a free software researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who says that prepackaged software accounts for 16% of software sold while custom software accounts for between 40% and 50% of software purchases.

The reason? From what we’ve seen from our customers, some prepackaged software is great to keep a business running. But when it comes to standing apart from the competition and really managing internal business in a way that is unique to each company, requires a custom solution.

Cookie cutter solutions return cookie cutter results. Even though businesses can normally customize how prepackaged software works, it still forces everyone to operate within certain boundaries. Sometimes, the ‘boundaries’ of the software we use each day starts to become perceived limitations. Users begin to work within the limitations of the software rather than ask – what would be the best way to do accomplish this?

Custom software eliminates those imaginary boundaries and makes it possible to achieve truly unique results than everyone else. It’s nice to a post that affirms that most businesses see the value in thinking ‘outside the box!”

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