Software to Improve Your Business and Your Life

Software to Improve Your Business and Your Life

Once in a while we do a round up of some of the coolest, most useful software on the web. This is software that really has the potential to improve lives, to understand your data in new and intuitive ways, or just makes doing you job a heck of a lot easier.

37 Signals

37 Signals is a company, not a product, but just about every web app they produce is uber-cool. Web 2.0 apps like Basecamp and Backpack offer a fresh, clean, logical approach to project management are intuitive and actually fun to use.

Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder

As video becomes more and more important on the web adding videos to your consumer content becomes more critical. You don’t need to come up with clever skits and hire actors, there is just as much need for online tutorials as well. Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder is a fantastic product that lots of people who have tried many different programs swear by. They offer a 30 day free trial if you want to check it out before you buy.

Total Recall Learning Educational Software

According to Total Recall Learning, 80% of learned material is forgotten. Their proprietary learning software program has proven to reduce this amount significantly. In a study conducted among math students at Alliant University, students in the experimental group achieved a score improvement of 15.9% on average, whereas those in the control group attained an increase of only 8.5% on average.

According to the total recall site, the software works by;

“deliver[ing] training systematically in small, absorbable bits of information. A highly sophisticated software algorithm performs staggered, time-delayed repetitions to precisely pinpoint forgotten material.”

Hope this round up provides you with some great ideas about ways to use software to improve your life. Enjoy!

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