Real Benefits of Offline-to-Online Web Apps

Real Benefits of Offline-to-Online Web Apps

As web 2.0 momentum is turning to a real web 2.0 craze, the new web application features emerge keep popping up. The new buzz word is Offline Web Apps. Something that’s used to be a purely web-hosted software is being redesigned to work offline.
Zimbra, an online office software package, has announced Zimbra Desktop, which will empower the users access to Zimbra even when they’re not online, is an example of this. The logic behind such direction is that offline web apps offer a number of benefits that online web apps don’t have.
Offline potential of online applications improves the overall usability of the online application. Ok, you won’t be able to access your data while on the plane or on the train, but offline apps, as a whole, do work more effectively.
Let’s highlight some of the cool stuff:

  • You store your data locally so you have a better security
  • You don’t care about network/server issues so no interuptions while working
  • You better reliabiliy

Given the fact that most of us prefer to operate in an always online world, the better usability of offline web apps is a major advantage depending on the purpose and specification of those applications. Plus, you can choose not to download all of your work restricting some cricitcal tasks to online environment only. What’s your say about this?

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