Microsoft Green with Envy Over Apple’s iPhone?

Microsoft Green with Envy Over Apple’s iPhone?

Apple’s new iPhone is still a month or more from release, and already Microsoft is making public statements that the iPhone “lacks business savvy.”   

Why?  According to an article published on ZD Net, a Microsoft exec is quoted as saying:

“Apple’s soon-to-be-launched iPhone will be irrelevant to business users because it is a ‘closed device’ and does not support Microsoft Office.”

According Apple enthusiast AJ at Marketcircle, the iPhone is “the best small business phone out there. The reason: It’s flipping easy to use!”

It’s understandable that Microsoft is a little defensive.  After all the software giant’s new Zune music player has bombed in comparison to the iPod, and replicas of it’s Office applications are being distributed for free by Google, the company that destroyed them in the search arena. 

Apple iPhone

Regardless of what Microsoft has to say, there are hordes of people early anticipating the release of the iPhone.  The fact that you can’t open all Microsoft Office documents might limit some sales to Microsoft driven companies, or it may just convince them to switch to Mac!

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