Google + Salesforce: A Smart Combination

Google + Salesforce: A Smart Combination

Google and SalesforceJust after Microsoft declared that it would finally get on the bandwagon and start putting more focus on developing SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, Google announced that it may partner with the SaaS leader and innovator

This was one heck of a smart move for SalesForce.  Now all of the search engine marketers, who spent approximately $35 billion last year, have a serious incentive to integrate SalesForce into their operations. 

According the Sales Force, the merger would:

The new offering delivers seamless integration with the leading advertising platform, allowing users to buy keywords and instantly create ads directly within Salesforce that are compliant with Google’s editorial policies. With Salesforce for Google AdWords, companies can easily correlate ad clicks with sales metrics such as leads, opportunities, deals, and revenue. Customers can deploy Salesforce for Google AdWords to:

  • Simplify the process of search marketing
  • Track and correlate clicks to leads, sales opportunities, and deals
  • Measure exactly which ads and keywords are generating leads and results
  • Increase the ROI of their online advertising programs
  • Easily manage the entire process directly within Salesforce

We knew SalesForce was going to become more important to businesses in the future, which is why we began in-depth training and offering implementation to our clients over the past year.  But we had no idea that SalesForce was in talks to partner with Google and couldn’t be more pleased!

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