Custom Software that Improves Search Engine Rankings

Custom Software that Improves Search Engine Rankings

Though it’s a term that many SEO’s and internet marketers say they don’t like, “link bait” is a smart way to gain the important backlinks necessary for moving your website higher on the search engine rankings. But what is ‘link bait’ and how can you use it to create massive amounts of valuable backlinks to your website?

The concept of link bait is nothing new. Creating link bait is simply creating something useful that people truly want to share with the others. This is something that publishers and advertisers have known for years—in order to be successful, you’ve got to produce content that other people want, not just something that pushes your agenda.

But what do other people want? That’s the million dollar question. First of all, successful link bait must be useful to other people—it must provide others with some sort of value.

One extremely successful way of attracting a ton of backlinks today is to develop small Firefox extensions and WordPress plug-ins.

Creating Firefox extensions and WordPress plug-ins for distribution is effective for a variety of reasons:

  • They lend themselves very well to being included in online lists and directories (valuable backlinks)
  • They are genuinely useful for audiences
  • Their usefulness and uniqueness promotes highly valuable word of mouth promotion
  • Gives your company the esteem of authorship

Browsing through the directories of Firefox extensions and WordPress plug-ins is a great way to get the creative juices flowing about new and useful extensions and plug-ins you could create.

These web apps can be generalized for a massive audience, or solve a problem for your particular industry. The sky’s the limit. There are virtually no boundaries when it comes to creating these small apps. The more useful the app, the more backlinks and publicity you’ll enjoy.


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