CRM Software – A Window to Your Customer’s Mind

CRM Software – A Window to Your Customer’s Mind

Economists have estimated that it costs 6 times less to keep business relationships with existing customers than to find new ones. Therefore, successful businesses do their best to ensure maximum profits from customers they already have. To do this companies need to identify customers that bring in the most money and make sure those paying clients won’t switch to a competitor.

Intimacy vs. standardization

A small store in a small town generally has no problem connecting with and keeping it’s clients. A store manager calls customers by name and knows most of them personally. As businesses have grown, the intimacy has quickly faded away. Marketing for masses and standardized production is simply not conducive to building intimate customer relationships. Companies no longer know who their customers are. In turn, customers lose their trust. Is there a way for companies with tens of thousands of customers to find a way to avoid alienating their customers and understand them on a more personal level?

CRM Response: From Concept to IT

A CRM is a complex system that allows businesses to evaluate the economical value of each customer and to create effective strategies that encourage customer loyalty.
Customer relations management wouldn’t be possible without CRM software. CRM software collects, processes, and organizes customer information. It manages millions of interactions between the company and its customers. Some of the key players in the CRM software market are Salesforce, GoldMine, Heat, Epicor Clientele.

CRM Technology Alone Is Not a Solution

No matter how advanced the CRM software your company is using, IT platforms won’t solve customer relationship management problems. The key functionality in all CRM systems is the automation of business processes and tasks. Therefore, customer relations management should be regarded as a company’s business philosophy rather than a single project.
All company employees should be introduced to the CRM because without their involvement and use, the CRM system is a waste of time and money. Before you decide to implement CRM software for your website, you need to carefully scrutinize your ecommerce business and identify business processes and practices that can be automated or must to be automated.
Not only will a well-crafted CRM strategy will reinforce your online business and yield good economical gains, but it will also help to foster customer confidence and loyalty. CEOs however, should realize that the effective implementation of a CRM will require a certain amount of investment and attention.
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