Cool Web Apps for Growing Your Business

Cool Web Apps for Growing Your Business

If you really stop and think about it, there may be a lot of things that you’re “settling” for each day when running your business.  There are probably countless little irritations and problems that cause your business not to have the swiftness and dexterity it could have or the critical information gathering tools to really jump ahead of the competition. 

Good software can literally solve any problem you may have in growing your business the way you envision.  The best custom software tools are born when people ask themselves “what kind of results do I really WANT,” regardless of how outlandish or impossible the result might be. 

We build software and web apps, so we love to admire great software and web application innovations.  Here’s a list of 3 of our favorite web apps for your growing business:


There are quite a few email marketing tools out there, but this is truly response marketing at its finest.  Responsys allows you to completely customize your email correspondence in a way that is integrated with the user’s experience on the website.  The tool can track where exactly visitors have been on the website, where they dropped off in the conversion process, and automatically send out customized emails to finish the sale or better understand the visitors decision to leave—and this is just a piece of the functionality.  The software itself can be quite complicated—we’ve taken hours of classes on how to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns—but well worth the investment.

Did They Read It?

You wrote an important email… but did anyone ever actually read it?  Was that very important proposal you sent blocked by a firewall or routed to the recipient’s junk mail box?  Are they not responding because they never got it, or are they just stalling on a response?  With Did They Read It, you’ll receive a detailed receipt about when, how many times, and for how long your email was opened and the sender never knows.


It’s one thing to get an itemized report of where people are clicking on your site… but it’s thrilling and much more eye-opening when you can see the click density as a heat map.  Just like other literal heat maps you’ve seen, red areas denote the hot areas where people are clicking the most and blue/green areas represent the ‘cooler’ areas of the site.  This is a great way to determine which images, calls to action, etc are the most popular to really get your site working at optimal conversion rates.

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