3 Ways Companys Are Using CRM Software to Grow Their Businesses

3 Ways Companys Are Using CRM Software to Grow Their Businesses

The huge surge of popularity in SalesForce.com’s CRM ‘non-software’ shed some interesting light on the desperate need for an intuitive customer relationship management tool in the business marketplace.  If your company has more than one person handling customer service inquiries, some sort of CRM application is a must have.

But how exactly are company’s using CRM software like SalesForce to grow their businesses? 

  • To build better customer relationships – Customer like to know that they are more than just an account number.  When they call in for pre-sales questions or for service, they want to feel like you remember them, their questions, and their specific issues that they discussed in previous calls
  • Identifying trends and problem areas – Because CRM’s can collect so much statistical data, you may discover business trends that lead to money making opportunities or prevent serious revenue drains.
  • Better reporting – in order to set goals, you’ve got to have measurable data.  Using a CRM, you can track turnaround time on customer service inquiries, send and track satisfaction surveys, and visually graph your goals through the CRM’s built-in charting and reporting mechanisms. 

There are quite a few different types of CRM software out there, all with varying degrees of features and benefits.  There are free CRM applications, software based CRM applications, and Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM’s like SalesForce where you have the benefit of utilizing multi-million dollar software for a small monthly use cost.    

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