114 Logins to Make Google TV Beta Work

114 Logins to Make Google TV Beta Work

Some of you have probably seen this video about a new Google TV gadget from “Infinite Solutions” which claims to offer real-time streaming of primetime TV programs. It probably had you thinking “So nice of Google!!!” Unfortunately, it’s just a fake.
Here’s the clip:

The domain displayed in the video, tv.google.com, raised my suspicions. So I tried entering the address in my browser. Also, I followed the instructions on the clip a dozen times—Nothing worked.
Finally, my curiosity led me to the answer to this “controversial issue”. By researching the Net I found out that Google TV beta is some funny joke made by Google staff =]
Yet, I came across another video on Youtube.com where a guy shows how he managed to make Google TV Beta work after 114 logins… Well, is it another attempt to play around with naive users who’ll keep trying to make Google TV work on their desktops…? I didn’t go too deep researching that one. You can try for yourself and see what happens 🙂
Here’s the second controversial video:


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